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10 Best Folding Shopping Carts

10 Best Folding Shopping Carts - 10 Best Folding Shopping Carts

Sandusky Folding Shopping Cart, 66 lbs Capacity

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By Teri Pietila

Size: 110 lbs Capacity Verified Purchase

I put considerable effort into researching carts, as the first one I purchased from Staples was a “Smart Cart” and it fell apart after only three uses. Keep in mind, it fell apart walking home on a major street after a visit to the grocery store! And it was NOT overloaded. Just poor design, although it looked cool. But I didn’t look or feel cool trying to drag my groceries home in a broken cart. Now, the Sandusky cart, I LOVE. The wheels are rubber, not plastic. The frame is pretty sturdy and it was surprisingly easy to put together. The only glitch was that it was shipped missing two of four “pins” needed to put it together. Grrrr. But I looked up the company online, called the customer service number and boy, was I surprised. I mean, this almost never happens, folks. I received the most excellent customer service. I mean like from the days of yore customer service. I was flabbergasted! They overnighted the missing parts. They followed up by phone to let me know they had been shipped and to expect it the next day. The women I spoke with on the phone were genuinely kind, concerned for my dilemma and willing to help. What?!?! It was outstanding!!! I cannot speak highly enough of their customer service department. They turned what could have been a bad experience into a good one. And I love the cart. Often I am asked where I got it, because oddly enough you cannot find a store that carries carts in Phoenix. I even checked Walmart and I hate Walmart. So when people enviously eye my cart and inquire as to it’s origin, I tell them my story as I am telling you now and all are impressed. Seriously, customer service is a lost art. Good job, Sandusky! Thanks Amazon. 🙂

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Dbest products Trolley Dolly, Blue

neimenovano 3 - 10 Best Folding Shopping Carts

By ana s.

Color: Brown Verified Purchase

This is a great little trolley. It follows well, holds a lot, and goes through the packed snow. The platform under the bag is a great stabilizer so the bag doesn’t flop all over or get too heavy and come undone. I used a couple different ones in Germany and the metal frame under the bag did not offer much support with heavy loads. I’ve been pleased with it on the several outings/shopping trips that I have been on in the month that I have had it. I would buy this one again when it wears out.

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Folding Shopping Cart – Versacart Utility Cart – Transport Up to 120 Pounds (Water-Resistant Heavy Duty Canvas)

51TD1qgh5nL - 10 Best Folding Shopping Carts

By Isaac

Verified Purchase

I loved this cart, it really transports 120 pounds or even more. Excellent product, I don’t have a car, so I normally take the bus, and it fixs just perfect on the bus, and getting into the groceries store everyone likes it.

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91nOLT602eL. SX522  - 10 Best Folding Shopping Carts

By Yvonne Yarbrough

Color: BLUE WITH RED LINER Verified Purchase

I am handicapped and have always relied on shopping carts to get my laundry to and from the laundry room and my groceries in from the car. My experience has always been that if I was using a lightweight cart, it would not last very long because it ended up being just too flimsy. So I’d get a heavy duty cart and it ended up being so heavy that I was exhausted after one load. This lovely blue cart I recently ordered is the perfect combination of lightweight construction with heavy duty performance- in a word, perfect. The complimentary liner and securing net are a delightful bonus.

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Gotobuy Travel Shopping Cart Folding Swivel Wheel Grocery

51TV3JoGIkL - 10 Best Folding Shopping Carts

By Elaine C. Leopold

Verified Purchase

The cart is very handy to use. It is made very strong. I am able to put all my bags from one shopping trip in the cart. I have a long drive way and I only have to make one trip now instead of four or five trips.

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Olympia Tools 85-404 Pack-N-Roll Mesh Rolling Cart

815byAH7jPL. SX522  - 10 Best Folding Shopping Carts

By Matlexis

Verified Purchase

I bought one cart for myself and then bought another one for my mother-in-law. This cart is great, easy to store and fold up, holds a lot of items up to 6 shopping bags full with no problem. I just love it!!!!!

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FiveJoy Folding 4-Wheel Hand Truck (150 lbs Capacity) – Heavy Duty Solid Construction Utility Cart – Compact and Lightweight Personal Dolly with 33 inch Telescoping Long Arm Handle

neimenovano 4 200x300 - 10 Best Folding Shopping Carts

By The Faceless Reviewer

Color: Weight Capacity (150lbs)

This thing is heavy duty. I mean; solid, I’d feel confident loading tons of stuff on this little guy. He unfolds smoothly, his handle pulling up easily, and then folds right back up, no problem. You take the elastic piece and wrap it around it to hold it together but really, it stays well on its own. I think the elastic is more for keeping boxes in place on the cart when you move them. The wheels are solid too and roll real easy. I received this item in exchange for my honest review.

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Stair Climbing Rolling Folding Shopping Grocery Laundry Utility Cart

neimenovano 5 - 10 Best Folding Shopping Carts

By Mehgan

Verified Purchase

I live upstairs on the second story of an apartment complex. Doing laundry was always a chore because it’s NEVER one load at a time for my husband and I. With this cart, it’s now SO much easier!! It’s very, very light and makes it a breeze. I can stuff two very good size loads (sheets, towels, etc) into it and carry it down with one hand. Coming back up the stairs has been marvelous. The three wheels make it so easy to roll up the stairs. I just pull lightly and they climb up the stairs one by one. No more huffing and puffing. I highly recommend this for stairs. I have had it for almost 2 months now and don’t see any significant wear on it. The good news is, replacement wheels are available online 🙂 The bottom folds in slightly so I can keep it in my pantry. Love, love, love this.

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MegaCart Fold-Up Collapsible Folding Grocery Laundry Shopping Utility Cart

71SyKjR8RWL. SY550  - 10 Best Folding Shopping Carts

By Amazon Customer

Verified Purchase

Bought this for my Mother as a gift. I had researched this item extensively as I wanted a sturdy cart that wouldn’t give her any problems. I was very pleased with this cart. The oversized wheels allow for it to roll easily over most floor surfaces. My Mother really likes that is has a bag included. The price was so reasonable too. We are both very happy with this cart.

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SECO Heavy Duty Folding Utility Wagon Wheelbarrow Garden Cart Sports Cart Shopping Buggy , Red, 220 lb capacity

81cUe5ddu4L. SX522  - 10 Best Folding Shopping Carts

By Shredder

This red wagon is fantastic! I was responsible for organizing a manufacturer conference and had many items of all sizes and shapes i had to take to the car once the conference was over. Everything fit neatly into the wagon. The wagon is light and easy to unfurl, and the capacity is really surprising. I wheeled that thing over tile, carpet, concrete, cobble stones, and curbs, and navigated it forwards, backwards, and around tight corners. After of all of that, I folded it up quickly and tucked it neatly into my car. It’s light, but extremely durable. The best thing about it is that it’s easy to maneuver in any form, even folded up for storage. Great wagon

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