Simple BBQ Ribs Recipe

Simple BBQ Ribs Recipe - Simple BBQ Ribs Recipe

Barbequing has become sort of an in thing nowadays around homes and neighborhoods. Not only is barbecued meat fantastic, but these barbecue functions serve as a platform for bonding and socializing. Nothing makes a conversation go smoother than a meal, and a delicious one at that. So, before you invite the neighbors over, you have to ensure that you’ll get it right. Get the recipe just right, and your friends will be singing tales of your simple BBQ ribs for years to come, so to speak.
BBQ Ribs - Simple BBQ Ribs Recipe

Ingredients for simple BBQ ribs

– 1/2 kg of pork ribs

– Barbeque sauce

– 10 cloves of garlic

– 5 -6 pinches of black pepper

– Salt


Season the pork first. To do this, place the pork in a large enough pot. Fill the pot with water and add the garlic, black pepper, and salt. Bring to boil. Wait till the pork is tender. If you’re using an oven, preheat it to a temperature of 165 degrees C. Remove the pork from the pot after it has properly seasoned. Pour and spread barbecue sauce all over the ribs using a basting brush, ensuring that it accurately covers it. Wrap the baking dish with aluminum foil and place the dish in the already preheated oven. The ribs should be allowed to cook for 1/2 hours. Allow cooling before serving

Alternatively, if you prefer an outdoor cookout, you can use a barbecue grill. There are various types of grill, such as kettle grills and gas grills. However, most people prefer the kettle grills as they do a fantastic job when it comes to slow grilling. Slow-cooked meat is the best as it cooks well and ends up being tender. You also have to keep a close watch on the temperature of the grill.

However, grills are difficult to clean, and one has to control the temperature, which is a painstaking process manually. You also have to keep flipping the meat, leading to loss of juices.
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