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14 Awesome Products From Amazon To Put On Your Wish List

Makeup Brush Holder Dustproof Storage Box Premium Quality

81j74BprgIL. SL1500  703x1024 - 14 Awesome Products From Amazon To Put On Your Wish List

Color: Pink Small
Although this item was a little costly for just a place to keep my brushes, it was too pretty to resist. I’m really enjoying it. I had read somewhere that it is important to keep brushes in a case to keep them protected from the dust and bacteria that float around in bathrooms. I don’t know if that’s true, but I do feel better about having them in the case rather than in an open organizer. The pearls are an ingenious way to organize brushes or anything long and skinny. They’re not only pretty, they hold the brushes so that they stand up and stay separated. You do have to allow space behind the box for the lid to fall back when open. I manage this by putting it in a corner with my hairspray behind it and therefore do not waste the space required for the lid to open

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Beauty and the Beast: 25th Anniversary Edition

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Format: DVD|Verified Purchase
Belle is bored with life in her village. Her only escape is her books, and she longs to have an adventure of her own. When her father heads out to a fair, he gets lots, and Belle finds him in an enchanted castle. The objects are thrilled, because if she and their master, the Beast, fall in love, they will all be freed from the enchantment. But will Belle be able to see past the outward appearance? And what about the handsome bore back home who wants to marry Belle?

I feel in love with this movie the first time I saw it, and that love has only grown over the years. The story is the right mix of fun and uncertainty. Gaston was a wonderful addition to the mix because his story was the part I was most uncertain about the first time around. The artwork on the film catches your eye from the first shot of the castle, and doesn’t let go. Beside the incredible background shots are wonderful drawings of the characters. I especially love the boyish excitement they manage to give the Beast in several scenes. Finally, there’s the music. Every song adds to the story and is memorable in its own right.

This DVD is perfect for any fan of this movie. Disc 1 includes three versions of the film. The first is the “in progress” version shown to the New York film festival 6 weeks before the premier of the movie in 1991. While it’s fun to have, I won’t be watching it regularly. The second version is the original release. And finally comes the special edition, with the added scene and “Human Again.” Ironically, this is probably my least favorite of the songs added to the Broadway version, but it does advance the story. And, there’s always the option of watching the original version. Obviously, the version that you are supposed to watch is the special edition, as the audio commentary and sing along bonus features only work with this option. All three come in Dolby 5.1 sound, which sounds great.

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Deco Brothers Pan Organizer Rack

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Verified Purchase
This holder is wonderful! It’s very sturdy and strong, and all my pans except the wok fit beautifully into the rack. I actually no longer have pans falling all over themselves when I open my cabinet. Thank you!!!
By the way, I am not one of the lucky ones who obtained this product at a reduced price so I could give an “honest” opinion. I honestly do love it, and it was worth every penny.

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Osmo Starter Kit

517j11HZGrL. SL1500  1024x683 - 14 Awesome Products From Amazon To Put On Your Wish List

Product Packaging: Standard Packaging|Verified Purchase
AWESOME…!!!!! Bought this for Vietnam Veteran husband who has dementia from Agent Orange…Took him a little bit to work it; but he did….and he LOVES it….!!!!! It is great for hand and eye coordination…His favorite is Masterpiece. In the past, he was able to draw and sketch anything. Now with Parkinson’s, it’s difficult. Masterpiece gives him a little of that back. And of course, our Grandkids like playing it with Poppy…!!!! <3

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Sedmart Tree of life pendant Amethyst Rose Crystal Necklace

71HjdXv6BiL. UY662  - 14 Awesome Products From Amazon To Put On Your Wish List

Color: amethyst|Verified Purchase
This is such a pretty necklace, if you’re a natural stone or gem lover. The necklace is around 18″ with a 2″ extender chain and is a copper color. The frame of the tree and the wire are also this same copper color. The wire is wrapped and twisted around itself to form a strong, sturdy tree with roots and branches. The branches reach out and are adorned with little amethyst gems that give it an added dimension and layer of depth that draws the eyes in to its simplicity and beauty.

The pendant is actually a lot larger than I had imagined it to me. It is about 10 cm in diameter and fills the palm of my hand.

Knowing that the pendants are handmade and the stones are natural means that each necklace will always be unique. They will be similar but no two are exactly alike. The amethyst represents a layer of a chakra and will promote healing from within. The pendant reaches right above my chest, when I wear the necklace fully extended. The chain has a lobster claw on it, which makes taking the necklace off or putting it on easy. This is a breathtaking pendant.

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Magic 8 Ball

81lOUr7k07L. SL1500  683x1024 - 14 Awesome Products From Amazon To Put On Your Wish List

Package Quantity: 1
My friend, who is living in an assisted-living home, and I were discussing toys that we enjoyed during our childhood. She asked me when the Magic 8 Ball was invented. I researched the topic and learned that it was invented in 1946. I sent her the Magic 8 Ball. She has had such fun with it, as she has introduced it to some of the people in the home who did not know anything about the toy. My friend uses it as a conversation piece and enjoys the responses she receives from others. It’s great to know that an old toy can still bring joy to people over 68 years old. Try it!

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Jane Stone Dinosaur Vintage Necklace

51P5q3FqnYL - 14 Awesome Products From Amazon To Put On Your Wish List

Color: Silver|Verified Purchase
I am wary about buying inexpensive jewelry because it often can look really junky. I mean, I like all kinds of things from real gold and gemstones, to Lucite, silicone, or recycled things. But cheap is cheap and I just don’t like the look of something that seems like it is ~trying~ to look one way, but fails (like if paint is sloppily applied or shapes are messed up or edges are ragged and sharp.)

I thought this was such a clever necklace design though, so I took a chance. I was VERY happy with the item when it arrived! The individual “bone” pieces are all different (not some stamped out piece stuck together in multiples), the edges don’t look super mass-produced where the edges are unclean or rough, and the links are nice. The little jump rings in between the bone sections are not welded, just pinched together, so this thing won’t hold up to a hard yank, but many of my jewelry items are like this, even sterling and gold items. The chain doesn’t look like an expensive chain, but not something as cheap as a gumball machine chain either. It has a decent weight to it, like it is actually made from some sort of metal, not that plastic stuff with a shiny coating.

I couldn’t decide between the “Silver” and “Antique Silver” one. I thought the Antique one, with its black highlight color, would show the bones more. But I liked that the silver one was more shiny. so I got them both! (My daughter took one.) The Antique one has a more pewter-type look to it (you can see from my photo) and the silver one is indeed shiny. It resembles sterling silver. I attached photos so you could see the difference between these two colors and the relative size next to a penny.

I did add a little necklace extender to mine to make it lay further down on my chest below the top of my shirt. I didn’t want half the t-rex on skin and the other half getting stuck on my collar. I don’t really wear things that are too low cut too often and didn’t want it jammed up too close to my neck, so the extender made it so it laid perfectly on my shirt, just about about a half-inch to an inch lower. Much longer you may not get the item to stay flat and look right instead of bunching like a “U” shape…it is flexible so it needs your body under it to support it flat.

Everyone that sees it thinks it is funny and cute. I don’t tell them that it was so inexpensive! I am actually here today because my sister now wants one! She saw it and said “Is that a coral design?” Then she looked a second more and squealed, “Ooooh, it is a dinosaur!!! Where did you get that?! I want one!!!” So I am going to surprise her.

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Nestle, KitKat Maccha Green Tea Flavor

91aNiRykQgL. SL1500  1024x778 - 14 Awesome Products From Amazon To Put On Your Wish List

Verified Purchase
First off, these things are delicious. Green tea and crunchy kitkat cookie makes for a wonderful experience. Not only that, but the service from this vendor is superb. I received a handwritten note with origami shuriken with my package and it made my day. I would definitely order the macha kitkats again, especially from this seller.

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Magic Bullet Baby Bullet Baby Care System

814ykZVs5L. SL1500  1024x768 - 14 Awesome Products From Amazon To Put On Your Wish List

Verified Purchase
I bought 2 of these for 2 friends that just became moms. When I was a nanny, I made all of her food with one of these. I hope my new moms love it as much as I did.

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Dr. Martens 1460 Originals Eight-Eye Lace-Up Boot

81hHcBeWYuL. UX695  - 14 Awesome Products From Amazon To Put On Your Wish List

Size: 4 F(M) UK / 6 B(M) US Women / 5 D(M) US Men|Color: Black Smooth Leather|Verified Purchase
I normally wear a women’s size 5.5. My feet are somewhat wide. I ordered both a size 5 and a size 6. With the size 5, the instep was too small to where it was very uncomfortable on my foot. The laces also seemed a bit short on the size 5, probably because I had to tie them looser for them to fit. The size 6 fit better, they were a bit big length wise, but the instep was comfortable and I can tie the laces tighter, so they look better. I just have to wear thicker socks with the size 6 or my feet end up sliding around too much.

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Anne Klein Women’s AK/1470 Bangle Watch and Bracelet Set

81yubFrkTeL. UX522  - 14 Awesome Products From Amazon To Put On Your Wish List

Color: Black|Verified Purchase
Just arrived……..and it is just right! Love the black crystals bracelet………it is as pictured, which is on the dainty side. Another reviewer stated the chain bracelet seemed cheap, but I totally disagree…….it is a small delicate chain, just as pictured. I’m happy!!! =)

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Hamburger patty maker Silicone Burger Press 4 In 1

91cwBrrvw1L. SL1500  1024x1024 - 14 Awesome Products From Amazon To Put On Your Wish List

This is an awesome burger press! I have a metal single one but I like this one better as I can do 4 burgers at once and store them in this container in the fridge until I’m ready to put it on the grill. It was easy enough to press and easy to get the burgers out. I was worried they wouldn’t come out formed perfectly but they do! Many uses for this burger press and it gives you perfect even burgers every time. I received this product at a discount in exchange for my honest review.

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Magna-Tiles Clear Colors 100 Piece Set

81Omc24E2YL. SL1500  750x1024 - 14 Awesome Products From Amazon To Put On Your Wish List

Verified Purchase
My friend had always raved about her son’s magna tiles, but they seemed kind of pricey to me and I figured my kids could play with lego’s or blocks, which are much less expensive.
For Hannukah this year, I decided to buy my three kids (4 1/2 year old girl and twin 2 1/2 year old boys) a set of 100 magnatiles. I was concerned that the boys wouldn’t understand how to stack them up, but I was totally wrong.
I got home from work last night and my nanny and three kids were building a huge tower with the magna tiles. My nanny told me that they had played ALL DAY LONG with the magna tiles and that the kids built all sorts of things with them. I was thrilled!
They were totally worth the money – just to see my three kids sitting there all working together to build something. I highly recommend the 100 piece set. 32 pieces just isn’t enough. In fact, I think we need more than 100 pieces because each of my kids wanted to build a huge Empire State Building tower!
For those of you who are scared about the price tag, I assure you it is worth the money. I store them in a clear plastic container so they are easy to clean up and store. At approximately $1 per piece, I also don’t want to lose the pieces!!!!

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LEGO City Town 60133 Advent Calendar Building Kit (290 Piece)

913v6vPmynL. SL1500  1024x1024 - 14 Awesome Products From Amazon To Put On Your Wish List

Style Name: City Town|Verified Purchase
Super excited to use this this Christmas! My daughter has been asking for one for a few years but they are just too expensive. This was an excellent deal! I haven’t opened it yet because her elf will be bringing it the first of December. She is going to be so surprised!

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