14 Products That Basically Organize Themselves

14 Products That Basically Organize Themselves - 14 Products That Basically Organize Themselves

14 Products That Basically Organize Themselves

Cute Cork Coasters Hedgehog Shaped Set

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Verified Purchase 
would love it if they were cork or covered in cork but overall love the concept and the look it brings to my table!

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Estaly 2 Piece Yellow Nesting Duck Colander Set with Handle

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Verified Purchase
Adorable and it works!! Finally needed a new set of nesting strainers and went for the super cute ones hoping they would actually work and they do!! Easy to clean, seem solid enough that they won’t break, love them.

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5-piece Set Citrus Juicer with Porcelain Mug for Easy Juicing of Limes, Lemons, Oranges, Looks Like a Cactus

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Estaly Stackable Cactus Plant Mugs Set for Coffee or Tea. Cute Southwestern Decor

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By Didi
Color: White
These mugs are adorable! I got a couple of sets to give as gifts for friends and one for myself.

They’re a very pretty color and look good by themselves even when they aren’t stacked. When they are stacked, they make an adorable centerpiece. They are great as a gift and I found to be a very good conversation starter. The spoons are a nice bonus and complete the mug set.

I love this set and I always get a ton of compliments on them from guests!

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Joseph Joseph 6-Piece Multi-Bright Kitchen Utensil Set with Storage Carousel and Elevate

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Verified Purchase 
Joseph Joseph is an amazing line of products that I have used before.. This product does not disappoint! Beautiful colors and the ability to manage heavy duty workloads.. All nicely organized.. Love it

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Joie OinokOink 5 Piece Pink Measuring Spoon Set

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By paydro2208
I got these measuring spoons to say happy B-Day through the mail. I don’t know the quality of the spoons I would guess made out of the same materials as almost all others are made out of. I got them because She loves pigs and the last few years that’s what I ended up getting my Grandmother, and has loved each and every single one of them. I would recommend these little guess to any one. My Grandmother said that this set came with a few extra measuring spoons and since I don’t remember if it were the spoons or the cups I will be posting the same for both presents.

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Espresso Cups Set Stackable – White Ceramic Cup for Chinese Tea and Turkish Coffee – Bright Silicone Coating Handles

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By ElJ
Verified Purchase 
When I bought this espresso cups set was because of its stackable capability but I have to admit that once it arrived I was completely thrilled with the bright accent colors of the mugs handles. The silicone coated handles are blue, gray, green and pink; There is one of each color which is also perfect for everyone to remember which cup was theirs when we have guests over. I don’t drink much coffee but when I do its very small quantities so its 2.4 ounces cups are perfect. The mugs are made out of porcelain and look really pretty, and delicate. The set also comes with convenient white saucers. The cups and saucers fit nicely into the steel holder, and that is my favorite feature of this set. It saves counter and cabinet space which is prime real estate in our small kitchen. It also looks super cute while doing so. The mugs and its saucers are also microwave and dishwasher safe, and that is always a plus around here. The sets stackable capability allows it to be moved easier; Perfect set up for entertaining or for setting a self service area on a counter. Overall, I’m very pleased with this set. It is a nice quality set that frees some counter space for me while bringing a bit of color to the area. It has been one nice addition to our kitchen that has been quite a success in a short amount of time without any complaints.

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Prepworks by Progressive Collapsible Prep/Storage Bowls with Lids

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Color: Blue and White Verified Purchase
These are great for kitchens with limited space such as RV’s or yachts. Also love to take my lunch to work in these. Not only because they look so nice and the lids have thus far sealed tight, but also because on the return trip home they take up so much less room then the conventional plastic ware.

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Chive – Pooley 2, Ceramic Flower Vase, 8-Tube Shape

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Verified Purchase 
Adorable. I picked colors that go with my kitchen and put by the window. You don’t need to fill every vase hole. I just put in a couple sprigs of eucalyptus, which never dies, and you’re set. I think greenery looks best with all the colors. I’d get a solid color one if you’re going to be putting in colorful flowers. It’s not cheap, but it is at least very well made and sturdy and looks nice.

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Axeton Bamboo Cutting Board, 9″inches with Built-in Knife set

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Verified Purchase 
My friend lives in college dorm and I bought this cutting board for her as a birthday present. First of the all, the product is what it is; a cutting board. with a knife. With the affordable price, this item is perfect for college and university students. Very convenient and portable for public kitchens in the dorm.

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Fred & Friends SNACK RABBIT Bunny and Carrot Nesting Utensils

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Style Name: 3-2-1 LUNCH! Verified Purchase 
These are SO adorable! We received a set of these for our preschooler for Christmas and knew we would have to buy another set for our toddler who insists on being just like big brother! They are fantastic! Quality is amazing and despite instructions to hand wash, we eventually began putting them in our dishwasher and we haven’t had any issues at all. The kids love them and we’ve purchased a couple sets for birthday gifts for friends and they’re always a hit!

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Cozyswan® Sparrow Egg Magnet Bird Holder For Notice Board Fridge Refrigerator Home Office

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By Mace
This is so adorable; I knew I had to get it when I saw it. Had no idea what to do with it or where to put it, but who cares! This arrived yesterday as expected and no damage occurred to the package. The item itself is packed inside this adorable little box that looks like a miniature house. I’d feel completely comfortable adding this to a gift because of the packaging alone. You open up the roof and inside is a little bird, just as pictured and a baggie of all her little eggs. The plate that she sits on is basically just that– a magnetic disk to hold all the eggs. I do wish it was shaped more like a nest but for the price, I can’t really be picky. The eggs are surprisingly strong. They are going to hold up 4 or 5 sheets of paper, but they do just fine holding a list to the magnetic board I was using. Again, though, the novelty and adorability (I don’t even know if that’s a word, but it should be just for this product!) of this item make it worth buying. I’d absolutely get it again. I received this for free or at a discount in exchange for my honest review. I have already had 2 people ask me about it, wondering where I find all this cool little stuff I have.

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Iwako Japanese Eraser Set – Fast Food Assortment

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By SuLu
Verified Purchase
Very cute! Lots of detail. MUCH nicer than a similar item my grand-daughter
purchased in a store…that one was absolute garbage!
I had not heard of Iwako, but when she mentioned that
some of the kids at school were collecting & trading these, and she wanted to join in the
fun, I looked them up on Amazon and was surprised at the variety available as well
as the reasonable prices, especially considering the level of detail.
After I ordered the first set, I was hooked, too! (solely on her behalf, of course!)
As an adult, I would never buy such fripperies for myself…ha, ha, ha!
(OK–there is an absolutely charming tiny alligator sitting on my computer as I type this)

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OXO Good Grips on the Go Salad Container

71vs36FZOBL. SX522  - 14 Products That Basically Organize Themselves

Style Name: Salad
I received this set as a Christmas gift and I love it! I’ve used it every day at work and it’s fantastic. It has plenty of room in the large container to store a nice amount of salad. The top portion is generously sized to hold all types of salad additions. I made a large batch of slow cooker shredded chicken for the week and place it in the small container. I microwave the chicken for a minute, in the container and top my salad. Wonderful!

Gone are the days of bringing multiple containers to work to make salad! This cleans up very easily as well. I haven’t put it into he dishwasher yet, I just wash with a dish wand when I get home, let it air-dry and then fill it up again in the morning.

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Written by musthavetips

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