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How To Chose An Insect Repellent – Plus Reviews

How to Chose An Insect Repellent Plus Reviews 707x1024 - How To Chose An Insect Repellent - Plus Reviews

Avon SKIN-SO-SOFT Bug Guard PLUS IR3535® Insect Repellent Moisturizing Lotion – SPF 30 Gentle Breeze, 4 oz

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By Tenchi Muyo

I was a wildlife biologist in the tick-infested woods of NE for many years. When I wore this stuff I never had a tick attached to my skin and it kept the mossies and biting flies at bay. When I did not wear it, I occasionally had a tick attached. It protected my sensitive skin, even my face, and wasn’t greasy so I didn’t break out on my face as I do with other lotions! Now I teach environmental education classes and canoe avidly, and even for a hike in the woods or day at the beach- I use this multi-purpose miracle. I love it.

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Cutter Skinsations Insect Repellent1 (Pump Spray) (Twin Pack)

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By M. Lawton

Style Name: Pack of 1Size: 6-Ounce

I have been using this product for years! I wouldn’t consider going outside without it. As my husband says, if there is a mosquito 5 miles away, he will find my wife!!! Unfortunately, he isn’t exaggerating by much! What I like about this product is that not only it works for the whole time I am out but I can spray it in my hands and lightly spread it with my fingers over my face, ears and neck, even on top of my eyelids. I then spray all over my clothes, legs & arms. Love this product! It stops mosquitoes and small flying bugs as well. Try it for sure.

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Babyganics Natural DEET-Free Insect Repellent, 6oz Spray Bottle (Pack of 2)

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Size: 6 Ounce (Pack of 1)|Verified Purchase
I originally bought this to use on my daughter but have used it on myself and it works great. We were vacationing and there were biting flies on the beach. I sprayed this on myself and my daughter and it worked wonders! The flies did not bother us after use and the smell of the insect repellent is nice too. It doesn’t have the chemical smell that most insect repellents have and it is DEET free which is perfect for small children.

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California Baby Bug Repellant Spray, 6.5 Ounce

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Size: 6.5 Ounce (2 Count)|Verified Purchase
LOVE this bug spray! I was apprehensive in spending the money on this spray; however I love the feel and smell of it. We took a camping trip this weekend and this spray seemed to work as well or better than the regular every day brands. I chose this product because I felt it was safer for my children than other brands. So far I’m glad I did. It sprays well and I feel like a small amount goes a long way. I had no reservations in also spraying this on clothing and hats.

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BADGER Anti-Bug Shake and Spray

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By MLewis

Size: 4 ozColor: Default

I’ve used this at home on the Eastern Shore and I took it with me to Costa Rica. I had friends with so many bug bites their legs looked like they had a bad case of chicken pox! I have very few bites, often I think I got bites when I forgot to spray an ankle or forgot to put it on before walking out the door. I had people asking to borrow it through the entire trip. I love this product. It is an oil though, so watch if you spray near clothing. I would spray on my hand and rub areas near my clothes.

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Avon Skin So Soft Bug Guard + Picaridin Towelettes 8’s

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By TravelingFool

Item Package Quantity: 1 Verified Purchase

One towelette is enough for several people to share – probably two for a lot of exposed skin, worked well for four with just hands/faces exposed. Worked well against midges, and I did not have a problem with the scent.

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2 Bottles – Avon Skin so Soft Bug Guard Plus Expedition SPF 30 Pump Spray

neimenovano 15 218x300 - How To Chose An Insect Repellent - Plus Reviews

By M. Anderson

Verified Purchase

We do a lot of photography road trips and in some cases we find ourselves in areas with a lot of bugs. Sun screen is also needed most of the time. This product meets both requirements and it comes in a nice spray bottle that allows application of the product to even the part in your hair. The product smells good and doesn’t seem to burn your eyes like some products do near the end of the day. The true test of this product was on a recent test to Antelope Island in the Great Salt Lake in Utah. That is a beautiful place but the mosquitoes and knats are everywhere. This is particularly true as you drive on the causeway to access the island and state park. We stopped several times to capture some amazing shots of the island and the flats. I kid you not in places the mosquitoes were so thick that they blocked getting a clear shot. Amazingly this product kept the bugs away and there were millions of them flying near and around us. Based on this experience and success, I just ordered two more bottles and will be using it on all of our road trips.

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Ultrathon Insect Repellent Cream

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By David Choi

Size: 1 Pack

I went to Thailand and was terrified of mosquitoes, since my friends said they got eaten up by them. I used this product and I didn’t get bit anywhere, except where I didn’t apply, like my face, ears, and behind my knees and elbows. It worked great wherever it was applied. My friend who used Off spray got bit even if he used the product. The product does leave a slight waxy film on you after application, but it seems that all deet products leave some film and it’s something you have to get used to if you want to protect yourself from mosquito bites. I get welts from mosquito bites and would rather tolerate the waxy feel than the bites.

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