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Top Rated Summer Skirts Plus Reviews

Top Rated Summer Skirts Plus Reviews - Top Rated Summer Skirts Plus Reviews

Womens Drape Up Stretchy Asymmetrical High Low Short Mini Bodycon Pencil Skirt

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By Andee

Size: LargeColor: White Verified Purchase

Very nice skirt. It’s like a stretchy cotton material which is comfortable to me. I enjoy the short front but long back because it just looks nice and it is also modest (in my opinion). Originally bought this for a medusa costume as I thought it would look very Greek-like but also short enough to wear with these knee high gladiator sandals I bought

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HOTAPEI Womens Ethnic Print Maxi Skirt Wrapped Beach Cover up Dress

71n1Wa9PfL. UY679  - Top Rated Summer Skirts Plus Reviews

By Rose Dawson

Size: One SizeColor: Multicolored

Great skirt, just keep in mind that it is the type you WRAP around yourself! it has ties 🙂 its somewhat see through as well. Beautiful pattern, this would look really well on top of a bathing suit!! i recommend it for that, if your gonna wear it as a regular skirt, you might need to wear something underneath!

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Bamgool Women Bralet Cami Crop Top Two Piece Set Split Skirt Casual Dress

71pvsQMR dL. UX679  - Top Rated Summer Skirts Plus Reviews

Size: Medium|Verified Purchase
I got a medium and it fits fine. I’m 4’11 and about 108lbs. I have some love handles. Im working on getting rid of them then I’ll completely love the skirt. The skirt is a little see through but i don’t mind it. The skirt’s design is different but i like it so no problem for me
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KRISP Women Long Bohemian Gypsy Skirts (Various Styles)

81g3hvgrVBL. UX569  - Top Rated Summer Skirts Plus Reviews

By Amanda Delashmitt

Size: LargeColor: White Verified Purchase

I have been searching for an affordable skirt that had the “parachute” look and was happy to find this one! A parachute skirt means that pieces of the skirt are sinched up leaving a draped look in various place leaving an uneven length you’d think of when you think gypsy/boho skirt. Unlike most parachutes skirts the gathers are sewn in place. Pro- it wont ever fall out on you (as original design is to have ties sewn under the 1st layer that can tie to ties on the second layer) Con- you cant change up the look (like gathered short in front and long in back, evenly gathered up- which is the style this skirt is) It’s super easy to pair with my other cloths, light and airy, making a great spring/summer skirt for hot Chicago days. The material is stretchy like a t-shirt but still maintains a sense of flow (not the spin around like your on top of a mountain singing ie Sound of music-style, but it will swish with you when you walk). I’m not a big fan of belts in general, so I knew before I bought it I would never wear the belt. But it is nice and not super tight/confining, and a cute accent (and great color pairing). I also never expect my whites to NOT be see through, so it wasn’t surprising to me that this one is not completely solid (but you can get away with flesh colored underwear, but I wouldn’t recommend white as you would “see” your underwear because of the color variance). I really love it and want to buy another!

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Choies Women’s White Contrast Polka Dot Print Maxi Skirt

71w5y4CGFL. UY679  - Top Rated Summer Skirts Plus Reviews

Size: 8|Color: White|Verified Purchase
Full disclosure – I’m giving this a five-star, but returned my original purchase. It fit just fine around the waist, and was comfortable even while sitting (which is a big test with fitted waist clothing, I find), and length wise….waitforit….IT WAS LONG ENOUGH!! Finding a maxi skirt that fits this 5’11” girl is no easy task, let me tel you. This it right at the top of my feet, so why return it, you may be wondering, I actually want it to hit lower on my torso, so I am buying it two sizes larger so that I can slide the skirt down a bit (and hopefully in doing so, the bottom of the skirt will hit the floor). There were comments comparing this skirt to a shower curtain – I will admit that the sound and feel are kind of shower curtain-esque, but I thought the appearance of the skirt was lovely, and it was comfortable. So I’m willing to live with the shower curtain-ness.
The color and patter was as depicted and I am IN LOVE with the pockets. Love this skirt. I am so excited to wear it

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Vanberfia Women’s Summer Sleeveless Printed Casual Mini Beach Floral Dress

61ry21aqIsL. UX679  - Top Rated Summer Skirts Plus Reviews

By Stephanie W.

Size: SmallColor: 6289

Now, I have to admit that this just wasn’t my usual style. However, after purchasing it and wearing it for the first time, I just couldn’t get enough of it! The overall style is simple, and starts with a black mini dress, the design at the top really pulls it all together and give you a unique look!

I usually wear a size small in American women’s clothing and the small in this Vanberfia dress fit exactly as expected. The material is lightweight and you feel cool all day wearing it. It would be appropriate for both normal summer time wear, or to wear in a casual office environment. I love the colors of the design! I received this product for a discounted rate in exchange for my honest and unbiased review.

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Milumia Women’s Elegant Print Knee Length Box Pleated Skirt

71ABkniJMhL. UY679  - Top Rated Summer Skirts Plus Reviews

By Jessica

Size: MediumColor: Coral Lily

I was concerned about size- I’m 5’6″ and generally wear a women’s US 8. I thought medium might be too small. Skirt fits perfectly- waistband is stretchy and comfortable. I’m wearing it at my hips and not my waist which means the skirt hits just above my knee- about 17″ from waistband to hem. If I pull it up to my natural waist it becomes a mini. There is an underskirt sewn in at the waist but not at the seams so skirt has plenty of flounce. Fabric is thin but soft. Hems are sturdy on the skirt. The under skirt has serged edges. Altogether quite pleased with this purchase. I ordered another skirt- at $4.99, I couldn’t make one this cheaply myself

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RipSkirt Hawaii Style 2 (Longer) Swimwear and Athletic Wrap Cover Up Skirt

71izuzGBPlL. UY679  - Top Rated Summer Skirts Plus Reviews

By minxigyal

Size: Medium / 8-10Color: Blue Curacao Verified Purchase

This skirt is wonderful! I purchased it to wear to a CHVRCHES concert since it matched my top perfectly. I’m 5’6″, 130 lbs. I wear a size 6-8 normally, purchased the med size 8-10. Could’ve gone with the size small as it is a bit roomy, but I just wear it below my belly button, lower on my hips and it helps. The skirt hits me just above my knees, which is cool, but I prefer a below the knee skirt. The back of the skirt is cut different than what I expected, not a bad thing, I just don’t know how to describe it, it kind of makes the skirt fan out and flow a little better. If you can take a look at a pic of the back towards the bottom. I really can’t complain I rocked it and got tons of compliments. It’s super comfy and secure Didn’t test it out in any water, I just wore it on a humid TX night, didn’t make me sweaty, it kept me cool n dry for a fun night out to listen to an awesome band! Amazing Amazon does it again got the skirt in 2 days with Amazon Prime… Couldn’t be happier!

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MBJ Womens Lightweight Floor Length Maxi Skirt

5142PLiMaCL. UX522  - Top Rated Summer Skirts Plus Reviews

By moonlight

Size: X-LargeColor: WB296_BLACK Verified Purchase

I really like this skirt, and for a cheap price ($10) that’s even better. I was worried when I order this skirt because of the reviews saying it was short on most people, but this skirt wasn’t short on me. I’m 5’7′, and I weigh 220 pounds. This skirt almost touches the ground, and when I walk up and down the stairs I have to lift it up a little because it starts to touch the ground. I bought an XL because that’s the size I usually wear, and it fit perfectly.
I like skirts that I can twirl in, so I was worried I wouldn’t be able to do that because it’s a long skirt, but this skirt was big enough that I was able to twirl in it. It doesn’t feel heavy, but it doesn’t feel really light. It has just the right amount of weight to it that I can wear it for hours. I also like skirts that have the soft elastic stretch on the sides that feels like it’s hugging my belly (but doesn’t feel tight on me). This skirt has that comfortable elastic to it, which is great. Since the skirt I ordered was black, I couldn’t really tell if it was see through or not, but I’ll be wearing black leggings underneath so there shouldn’t be a problem.
I’ll definitely be buying more of these in different colors!!

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Choies Women’s Black/Green/White/Blue Sakura Skater Skirt With Pleat

619FYGIEYdL. UY679  - Top Rated Summer Skirts Plus Reviews

By Angela M. Mcdaniel

Size: One SizeColor: Black Verified Purchase

This skirt is beautiful and made very nicely. If 8 could put a size on it, I’d say a medium or a 4/6. I love the stretch waist line and the fact that it has a zipper is perfect who the women who have smaller waist and bigger hips/butt. Came in wrinkled, and without care instructions (no biggie, nothing is perfect and it is being shipped from a great distance) so just put in the dryer with some similar light weight dark clothing that was already dry (just needed folding) for 10 or 15 minutes on hight heat … (the other clothes add as a protectant from the heat..we don’t need heat damage on this beautiful article of clothing). Took it out and hung it up immediately and it is still wrinkle free (3 days later). I’m 5 ft 3 in and weigh 133 give or take. I wear the skirt mid waist, a few inches above my belly button and it falls about 3 inches below my knees. I hope this review helps.

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