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Muscles, no doubt, are the engine of human’s body. Do you know sitting for a long time on ass causes serious damages by affecting the blood flow, pelvic region’s muscles, and hormones badly? Sitting for long span tights your psoas which, ultimately, causes to push the pelvic muscles to a forward position, rotate legs, and decrease blood flow and delays nerve response. It also eventually, increases the fat storage rate. We are unable to function properly and perfectly having imperfect and damaged hips. Hips are the main part of the body that drive our vast daily motions and movements like sit, stand walk, twist, and bend and so on.

Moreover, people suffering from health problems, especially from obesity, complain the issues and happenings occur with their hip flexors. Though the hip flexors are undetected in fit and healthy person, but they become detectable when they tight under the umbrella of various issues like discomfort walking, hip seizing, circulation and digestive problems and many others.

If you are offered a program to lose the belly, flat stomach, get stronger, perform the best, and boost your immunity and energy in just 15 minutes, what would you say? Of course, you will, definitely, say yes! It sounds good; I will try this innovative program if it works as promised. It’s true; when your muscles are healthy or in good condition, you will feel good and great.

The program unlocks hip flexors teaches you what should you do to keep hip flexors undetectable, healthy and fit. Unlock hip flexors is a sustainable way that helps to push the pelvic muscles back to their normal flexibility. This program is designed intending to help you getting rid of the causes manifested the tight hips flexor such as joint pain, improper posture, decrease athletic performance, locking up hips, circulatory issues, high anxiety, trouble sleeping, the problem in sexual performance, poor immune system, digestive problems and many others.

In this program, it is considered crucial to comprehend the causes of tight hips flexor before suggesting the ways of unlocking the hip flexors. There are two major and definite causes of locked hip flexors that are pattern overload and sitting.

Hips’ four muscle groups, having a complex structure, are highly responsible for operating your hips as intended. But one of these groups i.e., iliopsoas has a little bit more responsibility in flexibility and movement as compared to others. If this area gets strained, it causes hip as well as back pain. This muscle is, usually, damaged by sedentary and inactive life-style. That’s why people working behind the desk, suffer from this problem – tight hips flexors – without knowing it.

The mighty psoas is an important muscle for fitness; it serves as a connection between legs and spine. It is most popular regarding its significant duties. Examining it on structural level makes clear to us; it is responsible for flexing the hip and stabilizing the spine. It is cavernous muscle, unable to access easily. Therefore, you cannot get to it to put it in the right posture.

The psoas is an important muscle of the body and has exclusive and unique functions. It is solid program especially for those who perform its movements in the real sense. This program is also relatively cheap and affordable.

Unlock hip flexors enhance and improve your life in myriad ways. Your health and safety are imperative for us. At first, it furnishes you with all tools to have a more strength and energy, better health. Secondly, it drops your body fat making you slim and smart. Thirdly, it makes your muscles active as the nemesis of muscles makes you and sex life worse and weak.

Sitting for a longer time span hurts you as:

Bulging your belly

Not feeble or fragile abdominal muscles but tight psoas curves lower back; pushes the stomach out; makes belly bulging.

Inhibitors to loss fat

The psoas is actually the fight or flight tissue or muscle of the body. This muscle normally tightens as when we feel danger, it gets tightness protecting and helping us to run. It also becomes tight when adrenaline releases. Excess of everything is bad. The tightening of this muscle also creates the problem when it always becomes unyielding. This leads adrenal gland to work more which switch the body to accumulate the fat rather than burn it.

There are, no doubt, a number of techniques and different exercises which can help you to combat with this issue and loss fat. But, all these having problem in maintenance of its order that makes these exercises difficult to do; above all, these are time-consuming.

The simple and easy program presented by Mike Wasterdal and Rick Kaselj is the solution of your problems as it takes short time making you active and smart.

Following are the techniques or the combination of different exercises that suit you the best to optimize the body in using hip flexors ensuring more flexibility, positivity, and mobility. Plus, these exercises burn the fat and build the muscles strong, give core strength and improve the rate of mental attitude. More importantly, it trains your muscles to get better your areas of life that even you don’t realize, are being affected due to your bad posture or locked hip flexors.

PNF Stretching

It is neuromuscular technique. Activate the specific muscle to relax and loosen up it around the particular joint to decrease its stiffness.

Dynamic Stretching

Besides making active the muscle, joint movement progressively is crucial in dynamic stretching. This leads to warm up the muscles and improve circulation around the particular joints.

3-D stability exercises

These exercises target the muscle from all the angles activating, strengthening and enduring the abdominal muscles. This reduces the unnecessary stress on joints and muscles.

Mobility exercises

These exercises enable the joints to function optimally. This also allows the free movement of the joint.

Fascia stretching 

This is the unique technique targeting the muscle surrounding tissues and works on lengthening and loosening the fascia.

Muscle activating movements

Sitting and continuously technology use makes our muscles working improperly. This technique targets the off muscles activating them and makes the body’s movement efficient.

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