Party Gift Ideas For Your Friends

Party Gift Ideas For Your Friends - Party Gift Ideas For Your Friends

100 8″ Premium Glow Stick Bracelets Party Pack

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By Steve

Verified Purchase

These were awesome. I bought one pack of these and one pack of the lumistick glowsticks, and these were definitely better.

These had some sweet unique connector options, generally brighter colors, more color variety, and as an added bonus, some of these sticks were half & half (like half green and half yellow)!

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GGI Inflatable Serving Bar With Drain Plug

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By Trisha P.

Verified Purchase

I bought this for my beach wedding and it was perfect! It’s a nice size, big enough for two large round trays and one med size tray. For the price it was pretty well made. I thought it would look cheap but it surprised me and looked really nice with the ice and food in it. The drain plug in the bottom didn’t leak and was great to have. I checked for water and air leaks a week before the wedding to make sure it would work and it was perfect. I used two large bags of ice to make a good layer on the bottom. The ice didn’t melt too much in 80 degree temp for about 4 hours. On a side note my new husband calls it the salad boat. lol We loved it and I’m so happy we bought this for the wedding!

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Nostalgia Vintage 1-Gallon Collection Lighted Party Fountain with 6 Cups

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By mary

i must say, i read all the reviews i could find over and over before i bought this!! i was having a big “hollywood oscar dress-up style” 18th birthday party for my daughter and 40 other of the greatest teenagers in the country and i had this picture in my mind of elegance–except it was “elegance-on-a-budget”!! i was having trouble finding a punch recipe that was non-alcoholic but not baby shower taste either…so, i kept wondering if it would really be worth it and would it just look like cheap plastic?? i finally decided to “just do it” and ordered at the best rate i could find with amazon. it was here pretty quickly and i ripped into it. i was very excited–all parts seemed to fit properly together and i tested it with water and it worked and looked great! it’s not a $500 or $1000 silver or crystal punch bowl but it had a good weight to it and looked just fine next to real crystal platters! and with the following recipe from a friend it was a huge hit with ALL the kids–they just kept coming back and never even touched the sodas i kept offering–until the punch ran out! thanks for a fun party addition!! 4cups cranberry cocktail juice + 4cups pineapple juice + 1cup white sugar + 1 tsp almond extract (mix all that together ahead of time) + 1 liter(4cups) ginger ale soda. multiply the recipe however many times you want but add the ginger ale slow slow slow slow slow!!!! i goofed and went too fast the 1st batch and the fountain wouldn’t work till the fizz all settled down-but it recovered in spite of me:)!

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Frito-Lay Variety Pack, Party Mix, 32 Count

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By Amazonaholic

Verified Purchase

My son needed some snacks for school but, due to a recent surgery I have not been able to get out and buy them. I went on to Amazon Prime Pantry and found this great deal. What teenager doesn’t enjoy an assortment of chips as a lunchtime snack? I know my son does! I was able to buy this box of assorted bags of chips cheaper than if I had of gone to my local supermarket. I was a little worried that these might be close to the expiration date but, that was not the case. I’m happy with my purchase and think I might visit Prime Pantry again!

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ION Party Time Wireless Speaker System with Built-in Light Show

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By Deniece McNamara

Verified Purchase

This little guy out did two larger speakers when it came to the light effects, the speaker sounded good as well for it’s size. I used the light effects of this little guy on the candy bar table I had created for my grandson’s 18th birthday and wow what light effects it displayed! Not only on the candy bar but on the walls and sloped ceiling!!! It put the larger speakers lights to shame.
I also purchased the Pyle PCMX280B Disco Jam 400 Watt Bluetooth…which I bought in case something happened to the third speaker that is almost four foot tall, which I had purchased in a mall to give to my grandson for his birthday, I know, this sounds like over kill, but when I plan parties, I make sure I always have back ups so nothing ruins the occasion. I also plan enough parties during a year that none of these speakers will go to waste. Of all the speakers purchased, this little guy impressed me the most when it came to the light effects, it took the cake as they would say! Now for speaker sound, it really does depend on how big of a room you need to fill with sound. Do your research and check the return policies in case something happens to the speaker prior to the occasion. Look for stereo sound and base sounds as these two things can make or break a speaker, Order the speaker at least one month before an occasion just in case it doesn’t work or sound the way you want it to. You want to have time to return it and order a different one in its place. Figure out how many hours you want to play music during your event and create a folder on your WiFi device so you are sure everything works. I strongly recommend this little guy if space is not too large. We used the lights on all three speakers through out the house, it was a great celebration.

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Frozen Birthday Party Banner, Party Supplies

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By MariamG

Verified Purchase

Darling birthday banner!! Bought this for my granddaughter’s 4th birthday party and it tied the room together beautifully. Bold, bright colors and prettier than expected.

Hung it up with the tiny clear 3M hooks and it looked fantastic. My granddaughter was very excited when we told her after her party she could take her new Frozen banner home to hang up in her room. So sweet!

Great purchase, would buy again. Smile. Hope this is helpful!

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Big Blue Party Indoor-Outdoor Bluetooth Speaker

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By Jc

Color: Gray

I have been shopping for a bluetooth speaker for a while. I didn’t want to spend much. My original Speaker i had purchased was the G-Boom which for me is the loudest speaker for its price $100. I recently reached my 10 year service at work and they allow you to pick a gift. I could have picked the Bose or Samsung which both ran for over $250. I came across Big Blue and i couldn’t decide which one to pick. I went to the mall to compare all speakers. To my surprise Big Blue is louder and has more bass than the Bose Sound Link II and the Samsung M7. Big blue has speakers all around and the sound is Great. If you have $300 to spend buy this. All my friends who have JBLs and other Bluetooth speakers couldn’t believe how great BIg Blue sounds. The only down side to this speaker is its connection to bluetooth. It connects quick but you cannot be moving your phone or ipod etc because it will lose connection. You will have to set you device and not move it. Other than that enjoy this speaker worth the money. My Brother has the Nyne Bass speaker at $250 which is a loud bass bumping speaker as well but we compared his to my Big Blue and Big Blue is just louder in every way. I hope this helps you decide because i took a risk on big blue since their weren’t many reviews about it at the time i received it.

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Girls Sunflower Straw Tea Party Hat Set (9 Pcs, Assorted Colors)

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By Crystal Lewis

Verified Purchase

I was throwing my daughter a tea party for her 5th birthday and ordered these for favors. I was nervous but pleasantly surprised.
There is a smell to them when you open them, but a few days of airing out (in my car’s trunk) takes care of that. They have a little elastic to hold them on and they seem to be pretty well put together.

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Kubert Party Tissue Paper Flowers of 8, 10, 14-Inch, 18 Pieces, Assorted Colors

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By Amy Dru

Verified Purchase

I read all the reviews before purchasing these – both negative and positive. I decided that for 10 bucks, I was willing to try them. I was very pleased with them. Each pouf arrived as folded tissue paper in a plastic sleeve. You remove the tissue paper from the sleeve, move the string to the center (most of them were a little off-center when received, but this is not a big deal). Then, you begin separating the tissue paper layers to make the pouf poofy. This is tissue paper–like the kind you use in a gift bag. It’s very thin. If you’re not gentle, it will easily rip. I found that the larger poufs were easier to handle and had the least risk of tearing, while the smaller ones seemed a little more cumbersome since you’re working on a smaller space. I did rip a couple, but rest assured, when I was finished poofing, you could not notice any rips.

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Amscan Big Party Pack 50 Count Plastic Cups, 16-Ounce, Gold

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By Kc Sheperd

Size: 16-OunceColor: Gold Verified Purchase

These are cool.. I ordered them for my 3 year olds Michael Jackson Birthday party coming up in May. We wanted the theme to be gold and Silver since that is what the King of Pop is known for! The packaging is very simple, came well packaged with plenty of padding. These are a very light gold shimmer color. Very well priced for the amount of cups that you get. I think they would also be useful at any type of birthday party. Great size of cups too, not too big and not too small. Could also use with Lids… We are also going to put a small silver jewel on the end of them to jazz it up a little bit for the Birthday theme. These items arrived very quickly, gotta love it being on prime! And shipped very quickly. Good product, good cups. good price!!

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